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Be Kind to yourself

Positive Affirmations are my jam!

No, this wasn't always the case and no, I don't ALWAYS say them to myself...but I SHOULD! So should you. The beauty about being a human being is that we aren't perfect. Perfection is boring being human isn't boring at all.  The best part about being human is that we get to feel our feelings, we get to make mistakes and learn from them. We get to wake up everyday and make the choice, and make the decision to do better than we did the day before.  We spend a lot of time speaking negatively to ourselves not realizing how much these negative words impact how we move in the world we live in. We have to switch it up! Let's put out positivity. let's talk ourselves in to trying new and exciting scary things. Let's give ourselves hugs and kiss our brains everyday. We are worthy!

Love me Most by Jo about Self-Love, Self Care and positive self talk. 

Here are some great affirmations to say to yourself, to share with your children, your best friend, your partners, your parents, and basically anyone who will listen.

1.) I am Worthy

2.) I love Myself Completely as I am.

3) I am in Control of my Happiness

4) I Deserve to live my Very Best Life.

5) I will not let my fears hold me back from trying new and exciting things

6) I am Loved

7) I am Important

8) I am Successful

9) I am Strong and Resilient

10) I Do My Best Every Day

11) Loving myself means I can love others more

12)  I am Capable

13) Today I will learn and grow

14) Today is going to be amazing

15)Today is the day I start loving myself more